Plain tweets are boring.

Intotweets makes them come alive.

A visually improved Twitter experience that lets you preview links, see photos and watch videos inside tweets. Simple and attractively designed, Intotweets displays captivating content embedded in tweets. Because text is not enough.

Why not try it out now?

A tweet is worth 1000 words

Linked photos are displayed in front of your eyes. No need to click on them.
Someone posted an Instagram pic?
You see it right away.

Easy-to-see embeded videos

Linked video content is featured in Intotweets. No need to go on YouTube. Hit play, watch and RT what you see. All in the same place.

No more incognito URLs

Shortened links are not a mistery anymore. Website thumbs are displayed next to tweets. See right away if it’s a news article or a famous blog.

A visual friendly
Twitter client

Try it, it’s simple and
fun to use.

Intotweets lets you see a new face of Twitter.

If you are an experienced Twitter user, Intotweets is a way to integrate the web inside a Twitter client. It saves you a lot of time and makes it easyer to spot great content.
If you are not a fan of Twitter, Intotweets will surely win you over. It gives you the power to see what the Twitter babble is all about. It’s the most natural way to browse news, stay in contact with friends and preview your own tweets.