Intotweets? It’s Twitter with magic.

Links in tweets point you to different websites, images or videos. Because links are shortened, you have no clue what you’ll to see once you click on them. All this swithching between newly opened tabs and back is not necessary anymore.

Intotweets works its way into links and cracks the content open. It saves you time and puts all the action in one place.

It’s a twittoresque world outhere. Why not sit back and let your feed bloom?

Greetings from Intotweets team

Sorin Vinatoru


Sorin is the CEO of Intotweets, always planning ahead, but also keeping an eye on the development.

With a strong technical background, Sorin is responsible with the product boost and manages the business strategy of Intotweets.

Alex Florescu


Alex is the guy taking care of the sophisticated technical processes behind Intotweets. If something ever goes wrong and Intotweets is down, he is the one responsible.
Alex has a successful entrepreneurial background and delivers the best motivational speeches to his team.

Sabina Ionescu


After majoring in Philosophy, Sabina started working for several tech companies and developed a crush on digital marketing and communications. Sabina is also the voice behind @Intotweets and will tweet you back with updates if you care to follow @Intotweets.